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Diptyque scents are synonymous with elegance and luxury; Meghan Markle famously burned one right before her wedding, so you know it’s the real deal.
To celebrate  the end of the year, Pierre Marie & diptyque invent a winter legend staging spirits from an imaginary folklore. A universal & wonderful story, similar to the ones we tell at night, where candles get magical power.

Available scents: Pine Tree & Fir, Almond & Tonka Bean, Amber & Vanilla.


By Terry

This Holiday season comes in highly desirable gifts, in their faceted cases, multicoloured prisms, rubies, diamonds, amethysts, topazes… a truly flamboyant collection. Exceptional creations available as limited edition.

The ICONIC Brightening CC Serum & Trio Compact Gem Glow, a true miracle beauty enhancer and all-over  illuminating powder comes in NEW Limited Edition Gem Glow shade, enriched with rare lumi-reflective prism.


Let the Holidays begin


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