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Scalp Scrub is a gentle sugar scrub which helps to exfoliate and unclog the
scalp’s surface from dandruff, oil build-up, and dead skin while also promoting new cell growth.
The Scalp Scrub is ideal for oily scalps and gentle enough for sensitive scalps🛁🧽


⚡️Why do I need a Scalp Scrub?
Neglecting your scalp can lead to dull hair and itchy skin. Exfoliating your scalp regularly can help the hair to grow naturally thicker, shinier, and become less oily.

⚡️What are the benefits?
Exfoliating the scalp removes buildup, encourages hair growth, promotes shiny hair, and prevents dandruff.

⚡️How often should I exfoliate?
This will vary, but once every seven to ten shampoos is ideal.

⚡️How do I exfoliate?
Place the product directly on your head. Use small circular motions to gently remove dead skin cells. Rinse with water.


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