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With wrinkles and sagging skin, that is. We all recall a time in our twenties when everything was still firm and pointing up, thinking that saggy, crinkly skin is a far off thing that will be dealt with when it comes. Now, in your thirties, forties and beyond, arriving unannounced, crows feet sneak around your eyes and droopy chins cut a much less flattering contour. 


The key to keeping all this at bay is taking care of your skin. Cliché, maybe, but a strict skincare regime with anti-ageing benefits does make a massive, massive difference. When picking the right skincare, always consider what your specific issues are (everyone sags differently – no?). Use this guide to nail down the right solution for your skin. 


Resveratrol [Lift] Firming Serum by Caudalie

If you have droopy, baggy skin that has lost volume, use Caudalie Reservatrol Lift Firming Serum. It contains hyaluronic acid and elastin, derived from nature, to give skin a replumped, firmer texture. 




Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Shot by REN


If you have dehydrated, loose skin (try pinching the back of your hand to test for thinness) use REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot. The gel-serum formula packs hyaluronans and phycocolloids that retain moisture and tighten the skin. 





Dr. Brandt’s Laser FX Lift Serum


If you have wrinkles and have lost facial contour definition, use Dr Brandt Laser FX Lift Serum. A dual encapsulation system restores firmness and redefines facial contours for a sharper, smoother profile. 





The luxurious Instant V Lift by Dr. Sebagh


If you have dull, sallow skin that lacks a springy firmness and has fine lines, use Dr Sebagh Instant V-Lift. It’s been compared to the effect of lifting tape celebs use, with 10 ingredients that improve elasticity and deliver a youthful luminosity.

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