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Fragrance has an innate ability to evoke emotion, ignite memories by transporting us to places and memories that we haven’t been in years. With the love and passion for life, Annick Goutal creates her fragrance based on her emotion and memories.

Music and fragrance speak the same language: they’re composed of notes, harmonies – and the ending we take pleasure in is known as a composition. Annick Goutal, who dedicated her early life to playing the piano has instead, turn to creating perfumes which are so loved around the world today.

Annick Goutal was born in Aix-ev-Provence, the third daughter of a family of eight children, with a father who was a confectioner. In her father’s sweet shop in Aix-en-Provence, she would spend long hours tying ribbons around little bags full of chocolate (a tedious task that would one day pay off when putting together packaging for her own fragrance line). While it could seem to be a sweet and charmed life, Annick wanted more. She moved to London to pursue a music career and become an au pair, where her classic beauty and slender silhouette was discovered by legendary photographer David Bailey.

Eventually, she left London and her life as a model, returning to Paris, where she opened an antique-furniture shop (which she named Folavril, based on the female character in a Boris Vian novel). In 1975, she met another antiquarian and they had a daughter together, who they named Camille.

Few years later, due to sickness, the door to the antique shop was closed, but another opens. In 1977, Annick began helping a friend to launch a beauty-store selling plant-based cream which had let her to realize something was missing. The products needed a fragrance – so Annick headed to Grasse, the heartland of perfumery until today. It was there where she met a perfumer and had spent four years training, rediscovering the musical language she’d left behind, translated to the world of olfaction.

With her great artistic sense and years of training through wrapping chocolates and sweets, Annick imagined packaging for the jars of cream, styling them like chocolates she used to tie ribbons around at her father’s confectionery. After selling directly from her home, Annick opened her very first Annick Goutal shop in December 1980.

Her very first perfume creation was called Folavril, the name of her antique shop, which captured the delicious appeal of the tomato leaf. A year later, 1981, marked a turning point for the house, with the creation of its legendary fragrance, Eau d’Hadrien—citrusy, fresh, timeless, and unisex.

The brand was a success, spreading across Europe. Annick died, in 1999, at only 53 from cancer. She left behind a legacy of some 20 unforgettable fragrances, as well as a love of fragrance that she passed on to her daughter, Camille, and to Isabelle Doyen, with whom she had collaborated since 1986. The two became the in-house perfumers behind the new creations. Camille was also the inspiration behind Eau de Camille (1983) and Petite Chérie (1997), a fragrance made for young women.

Till today, the brand is still going strong, creating scents that brings heartwarming memories. Other creations have included Les Nuits d’Hadrien, which is a more sensual version of her mother’s iconic Cologne.

One of the cult-favourite is Rose Pompon that was launched in 2016. Rose Pompon is an addition more closely matches the tenderness of the early 80s releases such as Eau d’Hadrien and Eau de Camille. A fruity floral featuring peony or rose; subtle aromas that aren’t overly sweet, with a touch of woods and white musk; a fragrance for the warmer weather.

And now in 2018, although it is not widely publicised, a Rose Pompon EDP has been released with a more sensual rose with still a Parisian twist of cheekiness.

In a rose garden, it would be the one that looks the most sensual, the most velvety, the most attractive. Wildly sensual and feminine, with pompon roses now in full bloom, altering the same sparkling berry notes to carry a denser and deeper texture to the skin.

It is definitely a scent that is meant to engage all of your senses in one spritz.

Annick Goutal’s Rose Pompon EDP is available in 50ml and 100ml here at Kens Apothecary.

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