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Through its collection of scented candles, diptyque seeks to preserve the universal memory of nature’s scents.

diptyque understands how to reveal, with simplicity, the olfactory richness o f raw materials, and to reproduce as faithfully as possible the mane scents of a dreamed about, pristine nature.

Candle after candle, an exceptional herbarium of scents has been created – a unique palette of nearly fifty candles. Each person can, by combining two of them, compose his or her own olfactory landscape.

diptyque invites you on a journey of the senses to an imaginary garden, where all facets of the natural world meet.

diptyque, perfumer and artist


Amuse yourself

Choose a candle, then another, have fun pairing them and instantly reveal a world of scents, reinvented with each new combination.

We’ve long amused ourselves this way at diptyque. It all began with our relationship with combinations. In 1963, the three founders created a trio of candles – Hawthorn, Cinnamon and Tea – to pair at leisure. Many more creations were added over time, such as Wood fire, Fid tree, Berries, Mosses, Maquid and Opopanax. Some fifty candles now offer endless combinations.

Everyone can create an atmosphere or rediscover, in a particular fragrance, the emotions of a cherished memory. Each of us stores these magical moments, all it takes to bring them flooding back in a single scent; that’s the power fragrance has.

What scent would the Hazeulnut and Moss candles create together? A walk in the forest, perhaps? And the Pomander and Wood Fire duo? Would it be the sweetness of a winter evening by a cosy fireside?


Here are suggestions of candle pairing from diptyque:

At Eastern Garden at Dusk
with Lily and Narguile candles

Two new creations have been added to the diptyque repertoire, Lily and Narguile, which can be enjoyed as a duo or separately.

The two candles combined tell yet another tale, transporting us to the heart of an Eastern garden at dusk. Night falls over a riad. On the patio, lanterns are lit one by one near large bouquets of lilies scattered under the large palm tree, where smoke curls from the narguile. The honeyed notes of tobacco volutes warm the scent of the white flowers, underscoring their spicy accents.

The Flower Festival
with the Roses and Jasmine candles

A fragrant memory of a festival held to mark the beginning of spring in the South of France. The celebration closes with a floral explosion when the air is filled with thousands of petals and multicolored corollas.


Memories of Asia
with the Sandalwood and Tuberose candles

Scents of a humid tropical jungle; the memory of a trip to Asia, with its fragrant lush flowers and tree trunks hauled by mighty elephants. The woody, velvety scent of sandalwood blends with the green, heady accents of tuberose.


Greece In The Shade of Fig Trees
with the Cypress and Fig Tree candles

The scent of the Greek islands in summer. Tree-lined paths crisscross the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. When the wind blows, the green, woody accents of fig trees blend with the resinous, honeyed notes of cypress trees.


You can find more candle pairing in the description of each candle’s product page here.


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