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Notes: Blackcurrant, red berries and roses

In stock

The wax of our scented candles is of natural origin, composed of vegetable and mineral ingredients. The formulas have been developped with carefully selected commodities and highly concentrated fragrance. Burning quality is guaranteed by the rigorous selection of 100% cotton wicks. Burning time: 43 to 50 hours.

Recommendations for use:
To remove the remaining wax from your glass candle holder, leave it in the freezer for a few hours. The wax will retract and will be easy to remove from the glass by turning it over and giving it a sharp tap on a flat surface.
To use the refill, tear along the seam to remove the candle from its protective casing and place the refill in your glass candle holder. Do not light the candle while it is still in its plastic casing, but only once it has been placed in the holder.


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An invitation to escape to a country garden, eat fresh blackcurrants and pick a posy of wild flowers.

In the spirit of sustainability, a core value of Goutal, refills are available for the candles: once the wax has burnt down, the holder can be refilled with any other candle in the collection. In true mix & match style, you can pair your favourite colour of glass with the scent of your choice.

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