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bougie anti odeur 190g-flamme_RET_RVB_BD
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Odor Removing Candle With Basil


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Odor Removing Candle With Basil

Product Description

Perfumes and eliminates unpleasant odors.

Unlike other diptyque candles, the odor-removing candle is based on a technology that targets and eliminates the molecules responsible for unpleasant odors. It replaces them with green and aromatic combinations of basil, mint and tomato leaf - a window onto a fresh and colorful vegetable garden.

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190 g

Fragrance Format

d-p-mentha-1 (6), 8-dien-2-one, mint oil, Ocimum basilicum, ext., 2,4-dimethylcyclohex-3-ene-1-carbaldehyde, linalool, cineole, linalyl acetate.

For best results, light the candle 30 minutes before you begin cooking, and leave it to burn for at least 30 minutes after the meal has been prepared

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