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Scent: Woody

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Product Description

The scent of the Mediterranean maquis is unforgettable. The sun-dried earth, the amber and leather notes of the rockrose shrubs’ resin, is mixed with the spicy fragrance of immortelle flowers.

Choose one candle, then pair it with another to discover their unexpected olfactory alchemy, which seems to reinvent each scent as it creates a third.

Maquis and Fig tree duo: Cape Corsica after the storm. In the north of the island, at nightfall, nature’s calm returns after the storm, though its scents linger: the humid, mineral fragrance of fig trees rooting deep into the wet soil, blending with the resinous, amber accents of the maquis. Discover the Fig tree candle

The first time you light a scented candle, let it burn for two to three hours until all the wax on the surface has becocme liquid.

Trim the wick regularly with the special wick trimmer (ideal length: 3-5mm)

When extinguishing the candle, check the wick is upright and centered.


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Large Indoor / Outdoor Candles
Weight: 1500 g Height: 7 in.
May burn up to 150 hours

Colored Candles
Weight: 300 g Height: 4 in.
May burn up to 90 hours

Standard Candles
Weight: 190 g Height: 3.5 in.
May burn up to 60 hours

Mini Candles
Weight: 70 g Height: 2.5 in.
May burn up to 30 hours

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