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Scent: Spicy


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diptyque has created three new candles, each carrying a wish for the new year: protection, luck, and harmony. Our Lucky Flowers candle with its notes of rose, clove and aniseed sets bright, hopeful tone for ringing out the old year and welcoming in the new. The red colour symbolises energy and decorative lucky charms of the four-leaf clover and maneki-neko cat bear good fortune.

Discover the universe of lucky charms, where protection, luck and harmony are at the heart of this year’s collection and our Maison’s wishes to you for the new year. The scents and colours of the three candles are rich in tales, rites and virtue The olfactory notes of the Lucky Flowers candle are related to three different ways of attracting luck. Carefully crushing rose petals between their fingers, the soothsayers of antiquity predicted luck, love or success to those who consulted them. In the Middle East, the smoke of cloves purified a house and in the South of France, anise seeds were thrown at newlyweds to wish them prosperity.

The symbolic figures on the Lucky Flowers candle unite various cultures. In Asian myths, the elephant brings success in all one undertakes. Every morning the elephant greets the sun with its trunk, and every evening it salutes the moon, so that the stars will look favourably upon humans. The maneki-neko cat, the four-leaf clover and the golden daffodil, are all harbingers of wealth. The colour red attracts the necessary good energy, reinforces vigour while boosting the vital life force.

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190g, 70g


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