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Hand Cream Vanilla & Orange Peel 65ml


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Apply on wet skin. For greater benefits and ease of use, apply to either a natural sponge, loofah or cleansing cloth., Rinse off, pat dry. Follow with the recommended body moisturiser applied to slightly damp skin, for ultimate absorption and results.


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A most popular product that penetrates the delicate tissue of the hands. Hydrating and nourishing, without being greasy. A perfect treatment for the cuticles, especially pre-manicure. Excellent for use in all climates and conditions. Its smooth texture absorbs without feeling greasy. Men love it, and use it regularly. Ideal in the office, as it doesn’t feel oily, or stain.


Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract – Omega-7: promotes tissue regeneration and heals the skin.
Aloe Vera – Rich in polysaccharides and stimulates healthy cell growth, whilst repairing damaged tissue.
Orange Peel Oil – Contains powerful anti-oxidants to leave the skin supple and toned. Also has a fresh, uplifting scent.
Vanilla – Rich in aromatherapeutic qualities to leave the spirits and emotions uplifted, yet relaxed.



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