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Grown Alchemist Body Care Set

Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist Body Care Set


SKU: GRA0002 (1x), GRA0032 (1x), GRA0058 (1x)

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Set Includes: 

1x Body Cleanser Chamomile, Bergamot & Rosewood 300ml

1x Intensive Body Cream Rosa Damascena, Acai Pomegranate 120ml

1x GWP Body Cleanser 50ml

Intensive Body Care:
Use as needed. Ideal after cleansing and exfoliating. Especially after the bath or shower. This is the most perfect treatment to fight dryness and flaking of the skin. The ideal heel and foot treatment. Perfect after a home pedicure. Rich, yet smooth and well-absorbed.

Body Cleanser:
Apply on wet skin. For greater benefits and ease of use, apply to either a natural sponge, loofah or cleansing cloth., Rinse off, pat dry. Follow with the recommended body moisturiser applied to slightly damp skin, for ultimate absorption and results.


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Body Cleanser Chamomile, Bergamot & Rosewood

A gentle body cleanser with a flowing gel-like consistency. This body cleanser is both soothing and comfortable. It leaves the skin cleansed, with a subtle scent. Skin is left feeling supple, yet fresh, cleansed, conditioned, regenerated and never feeling taut or stripped.


Tangerine Extract – Improves blood circulation. Regulates skin secretions. Fights and prevents blemishes, drying and flaking.
Chamomile Extract – Fast-absorbing oil to penetrate all layers of skin – aiding moisture retention and softness.
Rosewood – Beneficial for all skin types. Regenerating and fights aging.
Bergamot Extract – Antiseptic. Promotes wound healing and regeneration. Ideally balances melanin production, leaving the skin clear and radiant.


Intensive Body Cream Rosa Damascena, Acai Pomegranate


Our richest body cream. Supple, smooth, nourishing and totally revitalising. This is the perfect antidote to dryness. Ideal all year ‘round, especially during winter, and the colder months of the year. Ideal for drier, demanding skin types and needs.


Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract – Omega-7: promotes tissue regeneration and heals the skin.
Aloe Vera – Rich in polysaccharides and stimulates healthy cell growth, whilst repairing damaged tissue.
Orange Peel Oil – Contains powerful anti-oxidants to leave the skin supple and toned. Also has a fresh, uplifting scent.
Vanilla – Rich in aromatherapeutic qualities to leave the spirits and emotions uplifted, yet relaxed.


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