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Beauty Elixir Limited Edition


Beauty Elixir Limited Edition



Beauty Elixir is a must-have beauty staple from celebrities’ purse to fashion show backstage. This magic plant-based beauty mist, with its unique and addictive fragrance, is the perfect remedy for tired and dull skin that is lacking vitality. It awakens your skin in the morning and give it a boost of radiance in the evening. Its reputation as a backstage essential at runway shows across the world demonstrates its power to fix makeup and prolong its wear.
With just one spritz, the air is filled with the sacred notes of benzoin and myrrh, entwined with softening orange blossom, grape and rose for a radiant complexion, astringent rosemary and the stimulating essences of lemon balm and mint.
Perfectly gentle and rich in essential oils, Beauty Elixir is 100% vegan and natural, containing no synthetic fragrance, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sodium lauryl sulfate, paraffin, mineral oils, phthalates or any animal ingredients.

Grape Extract, Lemon balm & Mint Balm Essential Oil, Orange Blossom, Rose Essential Oil, Myrrh & Benzoin,Rosemary Essential Oil


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Radiance Essence Mist
• As a wake-up spray, refreshes skin and provides instant glow
• After make-up removal in the evening, it purifies the complexion and tightens pores
• At any time of the day, it acts like a pick-me-up to revitalise the mind
• Sprayed on your upper bust or neck in office, it soothes your senses, provides immediate refreshment and overcomes a cloudy mind
• Sprayed in a room, it creates the perfect atmosphere for mindfulness meditation
• Spritz on your pillow, for sweet dreams
2. Makeup Setting Spray
• Spray for preps and sets makeup
• Ideal for moisturising your makeup sponges, it works wonders for ameliorating your 'blend'
• Right after applying your foundation, it sets makeup for hours
3. Post-Workout Cooling Mist
• Refreshment and calm the mind after workout
• In summer, keep it in the fridge: the ultimate cool-down
4. Travel Refreshing Essential
• On a plane, to hydrate thirsty skin

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