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Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Salt Body Scrub


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An exfoliating body balm with fresh Sea and Magnesium (Epsom) Salts that gently polishes and smooths the skin.
When massaged on, exfoliation will encourage skin’s natural cell renewal, while the massage action will help activate micro-circulation aiding to relax/relieve muscle fatigue.

The formula is enriched with Atlantic Kelp Extract and Microalgae Oil to help replenish skin with moisture and essential minerals. Infused with REN’s Anti-Fatigue
Essential Oils blend to refresh and de-stress your body and mind.

Sea Salt – Removes dead cells and boosts cell renewal
Magnesium (Epsom) Salts – Relaxing and soothes stressed skin
Microalgae Oil – Restores hydration level and strengthen’s skin barrier
REN’s Anti-Fatigue Essential Oils Blend – Aromatherapy energising properties

To use:
Massage on to clean, dry skin in a circular motion for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly in the shower. For the ultimate treatment, once applied, submerge in a warm bath. Allow the oils and salts to diffuse, revealing a luxurious Magnesium bath soak, with REN’s Anti-Fatigue blend of Essential Oils.

Results: : Silky moisturized, detoxified and rested skin with a healthy renewed glow. Feel more relaxed and balanced.

Volume: 330ml


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