"Playing at playing, the game amuses me too."
Annick Goutal aka Géraldine

It was the early 1970s and Annick Goutal was 20 years old. Tired of the piano to which she had devoted her entire youth, she dreamed of new horizons. She left Paris on a whim and moved across the Channel to London to work as an au pair. Her timeless beauty quickly caught the eye of the famous fashion photographer David Bailey, who was a friend of her host family and asked her to pose for him. Her face on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Annick Goutal found herself swept up in a fast-paced modelling career… and joyously played along. To perfect the role of top model that amused her so, she took on a role. Annick became «Géraldine» and revealed even more of her exuberance and touches of folly. While the women’s liberation movement was going strong in Swinging London, Géraldine aka Annick dared to play with her image.

A touch of sass
In a collection of 4 perfumes

Instantly recognizable in the world of Goutal, Folie d’Un Soir, Tenue de Soirée, Nuit et Confidences and Étoile d’une Nuit, the 4 fragrances of the collection “Les Parfums de Géraldine”, are adorned with a pompom (faux fur) matching shimmering, seventies shades. A playful tribute to the aesthetics of a decade that welcomed Géraldine into the world, this pompom is also a nod to the vintage powder puff. The perfect emblem for a collection inspired by Annick Goutal’s modelling years.

Folie d'un Soir
NEW: Leather & captivating accord

Some big decisions look like sudden impulses. Annick Goutal’s departure for London is one of them. Without knowing what fate had in store for her, the young woman resolved to leave the nest in Paris to spread her own wings and fly.
A woody spicy fragrance, Folie d’un Soir is a daring scent that captures this decisive moment in the life of the Goutal creator. Orchestrating a spicy burst of top notes, pink pepper suggests the spark that inspired her to take the gamble. A heart with a velvety note like a leather travel bag meets the flower that would become Annick Goutal’s emblem: the rose. Meanwhile, myrrh, frankincense and cocoa blow a bewitching and deliciously addictive breeze over the skin. A fragrance with warm and captivating notes.

Tenue de Soirée
Chypre & sophisticated accord

From clothing to costume is but a small step. When Géraldine aka Annick made an entrance, she shook up her slightly classic wardrobe with a more daring style.
An ultra-contemporary floral chypre, Tenue de Soirée electrifies this timeless structure of perfumery with mischievous red berry notes draped in the powdery chic of iris. On the skin, the woody notes of patchouli mark the final touch of an incredibly feminine silhouette. A gourmand and addictive fragrance, like pure sassiness in a bottle.

Nuit et Confidences
Oriental & carnal accord

Seducing the camera is an art… that Géraldine aka Annick loved to play with multiple interpretations! A model with a magnetic aura, she knew how to catch the light.
Nuit et Confidences captures these playful moments in an oriental scent imbued with sensuality. Facetted with the almondy accents of Tonka bean, the enveloping warmth of vanilla melts onto the skin with the tenderness of white musks. A sensual and alluring accord.

Étoile d'une Nuit
Floral & second skin accord

Facing her mirror, Annick would slip into her favourite role: Géraldine. Far from the «natural» style she adopted in her everyday life, she played the card of a confident femininity and dared to flaunt sophisticated makeup. A highly textured oriental floral, Étoile d’une Nuit evokes the plush atmosphere of these moments that work their magic. Around an elegant iris as silky as powder, raspberry and rose stir the soft and creamy scent of lipstick gliding on the lips… A cosmetic accord like a second skin.