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When we pamper ourselves, hair care is hardly at the top of our heads. Take time to extend some tender loving care to your hair with treatments that will nourish, heal and protect it.

Whether it’s being out under the sun for hours or from your usual swim, there are just so many ways we could damage our hair. The good news is, we can always give them some TLC by using some top-rated hair treatment products, like these:

Rahua Leave-in Treatment

The 2021 KENS Beauty Award winner is a hero for a reason. This protective, healing and flexible anti-frizz treatment shields your hair from stress (from hot tools or air drying) and delivers remarkable shine while preventing breakage and split ends. Suitable for all hair types.

Rahua Legendary Amazon Oil

You know a product is the real deal when Oprah herself loves it. As the award winner of O, The Oprah Magazine 2018 O-wards, this quick-absorbing product uses plant and flower oils to deliver a beautifully smooth, shiny, anti-frizz finish to the hair. Say goodbye to flyaways, split ends and dullness with this remarkably revitalizing oil.

Sachajuan Shine Serum

Experiencing dull and lifeless hair? Sachajuan’s Shine Serum is the perfect solution – quite literally so. The Shine Serum protects and repairs damaged ends, gives the hair some serious shine and tops it off with a protecting finish.

uka Glamorous Nighty Night Hair Treatment

This blend of argan oil and shea butter makes your hair softer and more lustrous. On top of that, it contains as many as 15 types of amino acid-based repair ingredients to moisturise damaged hair. For maximum effect, apply this after shampooing and leave it on for 3 minutes before rinsing off; you’ll immediately notice how soft and shiny your hair is.

Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair

Wake up to incredibly beautiful, shiny and smooth hair with Sachajuan’s Overnight Hair Repair, a gel treatment that cares for your hair while you sleep. Designed to build elasticity and strengthen the hair as well as give it a fabulous shine, this treatment contains the highest concentration of natural trace elements and minerals (thanks to Sachajuan’s Ocean Silk Technology) to nourish the hair from deep within.

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