Orphéon Eau De Parfum

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While Paris sleeps… the Orphéon swings.

In the ’60s, on boulevard Saint-Germain, our boutique was next to a jazz club: the Orphéon. Here, artists gathered and ideas flowed. Our three founders made the place their living room or their second office, depending on the time of day.
The Orphéon is no more: long live Orphéon! Our new eau de parfum.


Size: 75ml

The Woody Collection is characterized by the strength and density of the woods that inspired them. They could be bring out the smokiness of vetiver, or evoke a forest in Asia with creamy and spicy hints of sandalwood or could even offer the deep and earthy nuances of patchouli. Like the memory of a scent, Orphéon captures the warm atmosphere of an iconic night club bar in the Saint Germain quarter of Paris. In this new eau de parfum, woody, floral and subtly spicy, the softness of patinated woods meets the wisps of tobacco and the linger of make-up powder.

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