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The perfect fusion of advanced natural alchemy and cosmetic science, Grown Alchemist’s new generation of skincare, body care and haircare formulations represent the latest in international advancements in natural-organic cosmeceutical research.

Grown Alchemist’s unique formulations transmute powerful anti-ageing botanical extracts into natural products with unequal efficacy. These formulas comprise of natural technologies that have revolutionised natural anti-ageing skincare, body care and haircare. Scientifically advanced natural cell communicating ingredients including neuro-peptides, tetra-peptides, tocotrienols, and advanced hygroscopic actives regenerate beauty with superior results.

Because their active ingredients are natural, Grown Alchemist products are compatible with human biology. Our bodies will naturally fight anything they regard as foreign or toxic, this reaction creates free radicals which we know greatly contributes to the ageing process. Many synthetic ingredients, which claim to reduce the signs of ageing, may in fact be doing more harm than good.

Grown Alchemist products and ingredients are not tested on animals. Product packaging is made from glass and hardened premium PET plastic, one of the world’s most recycled materials and also the most non-leaching and inert. This type of packaging ensures the product remains as healthy and powerful as the day it was created.

Grown Alchemist was born when company founders and brothers, Keston and Jeremy Mujis, were awakened to the harm of traditional skincare formulations when a friend developed an adverse reaction to almost all beauty products while undergoing cancer treatment.

The brothers, who had for many years developed products for other brands, decided to create their own skincare range with a mandate of using only healthy efficacious ingredients. For more than a decade prior to launch, their research took them around the globe in search of the finest ingredients and industry expertise.

Grown Alchemist now proudly boasts a team of cosmetic chemists based in London, Paris and Australia, all relentlessly in the pursuit of perfect formulas that demonstrate efficacy powerful enough to evolve your beauty by transforming your skin and hair texture and appearance.

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