Erase fine lines…with a magnet!

By KENS apothecary

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Just when we thought we have tried them all – hydrating, clarifying, brightening, clay, gel, and sheet masks, come Dr. Brandt’s Magnetight Age Defier, a mask with magnet’s erasing power on fine lines. The team, as you would expect, could not be more intrigued.

The Magnetight Age Defier is Dr. Brandt’s latest innovation which claims to counter the effects of skin ageing, while simultaneously recharges and rejuvenates the skin instantly, rendering the skin radiant – all done by leveraging the power of magnet.

Naturally, we had to put the product to the test the moment we got our hands on it. And we were hooked.

Here’s how Mary, one of the beauty consultants at KENS apothecary, experimented it.

Step 1:
By using a spatula, scoop out the product and spread the thick, gray cream gently on the skin. Make sure to avoid the eye area. We would strongly advise to use your fingers to spread the product instead of a facial brush – unless you don’t mind spending an hour trying to clean the brush with the magnet.

Step 2:
Leave it on for approximately 10 minutes, letting the mask do its thing.

Step 3:
Take a piece of tissue and wrap the triangle magnet, at least twice.

Step 4:
Glide over the face, starting from the inner cheek area and repeat the steps until the cream is removed completely.

Step 5:
Massage the skin to properly infuse the remaining product (there will be a layer of gel) into the skin.


The verdict:
Mary loved it. Aside from the fun of watching the black particles literally being pulled away from the skin, her face instantly looked brighter and hydrated. The product uses black tourmaline, a powerful mystic stone known as nature’s most energising minerals, ground to its finest form to neutralise negative energy to counter the effects of stress and environmental damage that causes premature ageing.

The iron magnetic particles draw out toxins and daily residue to purify the skin while also stimulating circulation.

According to Mary, her skin felt moisturised and nourished. To us, she looked vibrant. For a first try,  we were instantly sold.

Check out the Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age Defier here >>>

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