diptyque is a contemporary, emblematic, pioneering PARFUMERIE Maison;
a discreet precursor of authentic luxury and the art of living through the
senses, where fragrance and art are integral to everything.
60 years of free-spirited, artistic Parfumerie, rooted in joyful creativity and
enchanting, eclectic encounters.


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About the maison

34 Boulevard St Germain


Perhaps the first ever concept store, this chic bazaar contained the founders’ creations – fabrics, wallpapers, cushions and potpourri – and objects brought back from around the world. After winning the hearts of Parisians, diptyque embarked on another journey, conveying its refined simplicity and art of living to the four corners of the globe. Its emblems – its typography, dancing letters, black-and-white design, and bottle ovals – are now recognized by connoisseurs everywhere as promises of sensory experiences and everyday pleasures.

The 3 founders


In 1961, Yves Coueslant, Desmond Knox-Leet and Christiane Gautror, three adventurous aesthetes with eclectic passions and discerning tastes, opened a boutique at 34 boulevard Saint Germain