The anti-dark spot solution

Whether due to prolonged sun exposure, hormonal upheavals, imperfections or simply the passing time, pigmentation spots are ranked third among women’s beauty concerns.

To restore radiant and even skin, discover the new face of Vinoperfect, Caudalie’s best-selling anti-dark spot collection.


Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting, the no. 1 anti-dark spot solution in French pharmacies, prevents and corrects all types of dark spots:

Pregnancy mask

It has been tested under dermatological control and is suitable all skin types, even the most sensitive.

98% natural-origin ingredients

Anti-dark spot innovation

By regulating melanin production, existing dark spots are corrected.

By controlling tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for excessive melanin production.

By revealing the skin’s natural radiance.

Your targeted routine

Prepare your skin
Concentrated Brightening Glycolic Essence

By controlling tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for excessive melanin production.

Moisturise and brighten
Instant Brightening Moisturizer

Renew skin overnight
Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream

Boost radiance
Glycolic Peel Mask


When will I start to see results on my skin?

It depends on the type of dark spot (long-term, recent…) and skin type. Some women will see results after 7 days, others once they have finished a bottle. With twice daily application of the Serum for 56 days, 95% of women observed that their dark spots were corrected.*

*Clinical study, % satisfaction, 65 volunteers, 56 days.

Is the Vinoperfect collection suitable for sensitive skin?

The entire collection is suitable for sensitive skin, except the Glycolic Peel Mask, which is not recommended for fragile skin.

Is the collection suitable for pregnant women?

The collection is suitable for pregnant women, but only the Vinoperfect Serum has been evaluated by a toxicologist. Its formula contains no substances that could be harmful to the unborn foetus.

What other ways can I combat dark spots?

Wear sun protection all day long, even in grey weather, and reapply every 2 hours or in the event of direct sun exposure.

Is the Vinoperfect collection suitable for sensitive skin?

The entire collection is suitable for sensitive skin, except the Glycolic Peel Mask, which is not recommended for fragile skin.

Does following the full routine multiply the results?

Yes. Applying the Essence boosts the effect of the Serum, the most concentrated in dark-spot correcting Viniferine. Applying the Day Cream corrects dark spots and provides radiance immediately. In the evening, the Night Cream promotes cellular renewal for instantly more radiant skin in the morning. Finally, adding sun protection to your daily routine minimises the appearance of dark spots.

How do dark spots caused by the sun develop?

The skin has its own defence mechanism. Subjected to UV rays, cells called melanocytes act as a real shield: in particular thanks to an enzyme called tyrosinase, they produce melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colour. Most of the time, the skin develops colour evenly – this is how a pretty tan develops – but sometimes melanin is more concentrated in certain areas. We therefore see excess melanin production. This is when the skin is subjected to hyperpigmentation and dark spots of varying sizes develop.

Does a dark-spot correcting product replace sun protection when out in the sun?

No, a dark-spot correcting product simply enables the skin to be protected from new dark spots developing and reduces existing ones. As soon as skin is exposed to the sun, it is vital to use suitable sun protection.

Does applying a dark-spot correcting product prevent the skin from tanning?

No, applying a dark-spot correcting product – particularly before sun protection – does not prevent the skin from tanning. Dark-spot correcting products regulate overproduction of the melanin responsible for dark spots developing and intensifying on the skin, and as a result ensure even and long-lasting tanning. However a non-photosensitising dark-spot correcting product should be used, so as not to irritate the skin when out in the sun.

Can a dark-spot correcting product fade a tan?

Dark-spot correcting products do not make tans fade: on the contrary, they regulate melanin production and enable the skin to tan evenly, for a dark spot-free and long-lasting tan. To make a tan last even longer, a tan-prolonging after-sun lotion should be used as well. The skin should also be intensely hydrated – inside and out – after each time it’s exposed to the sun. You should drink water regularly every day – up to 1.5 litres – and choose foods high in antioxidants to enhance a tan and protect the skin from skin ageing.

Can I use self-tan if my skin is prone to dark spots?

Applying self-tan to skin subject to dark spots is not recommended because it risks increasing the colour of dark spots and making them even more visible. Self-tanning products contain DHA, an active ingredient that is able to stimulate melanin production. When moles and pigmentation marks come into contact with it, contrast increases and they get darker, just like the skin after self-tan is applied.

What causes pigmentation spots related to acne?

Pigmentation dark spots caused by acne are brown or red and occur after the skin has experienced inflammation. They remain after blemishes have disappeared, which sometimes makes them more difficult to treat. They appear when excess melanin is seen: melanin production is responsible for skin colouring, but when it becomes sensitive – which is what happens when a spot comes out – excess melanin is produced which builds up in the area where the blemish is. When the spot has gone, the melanin remains and ends up causing a dark spot.

What is the difference between acne marks and acne scars? Can both be treated with dark-spot correcting products?

These marks are very different from each other. Acne marks are hyperpigmentation due to inflammation, which can be treated with dark-spot correcting products. Conversely, acne scars are deeper and non-coloured marks that dark-spot correcting products cannot treat. Acne scars appear when the skin is no longer able to restore itself. The damaged part, which cannot heal properly, is replaced by skin tissue that remains visible despite time going by. To reduce this type of scar, it is preferable to use skincare products with salicylic acid (like those in the Vinopure collection), or to see an experienced dermatologist.

What causes the pregnancy mask?

Pregnancy mask is linked to hormonal changes, and in particular an increase in oestrogen levels. These lead to overproduction of melanin and make the skin more sensitive to sun rays (UVA and UVB) and external stressors. If the skin is not properly protected, dark spots instantly develop over it.

How can a pregnancy mask be avoided?

Again, prevention is key. To prevent pregnancy mask forming, a suitable routine should be followed and care must be taken both during pregnancy and in the months after birth. For that, sun exposure should be avoided and SPF50 sun protection applied daily. For double protection against dark spots, the Vinoperfect Serum should be used and applied before sun protection: it is a simple and effective thing to do to hydrate the skin, prevent pregnancy mask from developing and give the epidermis maximum sun protection. If the sun is strong, the most exposed areas of the body should be covered and a wide-brimmed hat worn to protect the skin. And don’t forget sunglasses. Avoid the sun between 12pm and 4pm and stay in the shade as much as possible. Although those with dark skin are more likely to develop pregnancy mask, those with light skin can also develop one.

When does pregnancy mask appear and on what skin type?

Pregnancy mask generally appears from the second trimester (4th month) but it can also appear after giving birth, in particular during breast-feeding. All pregnant women can be affected, whatever their skin type, however dark skin is often more affected by dark spots caused during hormonal fluctuations.

Can taking the contraceptive pill increase the appearance of dark spots?

Hormonal influence is one of the reasons that dark spots appear. When taking the contraceptive pill, melanocytes (the cells responsible for skin pigmentation) increase. We see overproduction of melanin, which is responsible for dark spots developing, and melasma during pregnancy. To prevent them from appearing, SPF50 sun protection should be combined with a targeted dark-spot correcting routine.

How do dark spots caused by ageing develop?

Dark spots related to ageing are not in fact directly caused by the skin ageing, but due to it oxidising. When the skin shows dark spots, it is because it has been excessively exposed to oxidants responsible for skin ageing (like the sun or pollution). This skin oxidation can also be the result of a lifestyle that is not always healthy (smoking, drinking alcohol) or a lack of antioxidant active ingredients. These dark spots should therefore not be confused with pregnancy mask, which is caused by a hormonal reaction to the sun.

What can be done against dark spots on the hands or décolleté?

During the summer months, protect your hands and décolleté with SPF50 sun protection. To prevent the intensity of your dark spots from increasing every time you are in the sun, remember to apply the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting under your sun cream or try our Hand Cream with shea butter and anti-dark spot Viniferine.

Dark-spot correcting, anti-ageing... can skincare routines be combined?

Depending on the skin’s maturity and needs, the Instant Brightening Moisturizer from the radiance routine can be replaced with the Premier Cru Cream We also recommend using sun protection to complete the Vinoperfect routine and minimise the effects of UVs.