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best hand washes for youthful soft hands

The best hand washes to keep your hands youthful and soft

Did you know that your hands can reveal your age? So while you’ve been making anti-ageing efforts for your face, your hands could be telling a different story.  Many of us neglect taking care of our hands and use harsh drugstore hand wash that dry out the skin. Hands are left feeling dry, scaly and […]

vitamin c anti-ageing skincare

Why vitamin C is the anti-ageing star you need in your skincare

If there’s a skincare ingredient that experts and dermatologists everywhere can agree on, it’s vitamin C for its many benefits. Vitamin C is known for more than just giving skin a glowing radiance; it’s a must-have in every anti-ageing routine, whether you’re in your 20s or later years. Below, we walk you through the benefits […]

Best masks for face, neck and hands

Mask your way to great skin: The best masks for face, neck and hands

Applying a face mask (or a neck mask, for that matter) is a spot of self-care that we look forward to every week. It’s “me-time” that’s relaxing, pampering and the best part is, our skin is glowing and radiant afterwards. However, it’s important to use the right mask for your skin concerns. When shopping around […]

Signs to simplify your skincare routine - Kens Apothecary Malaysia

6 signs that it’s time to simplify your skincare routine

We love skincare as much as you do, but sometimes keeping things simple truly is best. If you’ve been trying every new mask and serum every other month, and your skin is simply tired from it all — it might be time to simplify your routine. If you’re experiencing any of the signs below, it’s […]

Skincare tips for long flights

Travel skincare: how to take care of your skin on flights

Like us, you probably love to travel and discover beautiful new cities and idyllic seaside resorts. But — like us — your skin probably doesn’t enjoy the flying so much. Airplane cabin air is known for turning skin upside down, leaving it dry, tight and downright unhappy. Not exactly the best way to touch down […]

Your skin, but better: How to get a natural makeup look

Playing with makeup to create sexy smokey eyes or bold red lips can be fun, but not so realistic for most days when you want a more natural look for the office or a casual night out. Contrary to popular belief, the “no makeup” look does require makeup but it’s not by being heavy-handed and […]

Award-winning beauty, skincare and fragrances at Kens Apothecary Malaysia

9 award-winning beauty products that live up to the hype

Ever since we opened the first Kens Apothecary store 20 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, we’ve been ardent champions of niche beauty products that are innovative, effective and gentle on the skin. These are the beauty products and brands that you won’t find splashed on giant billboards or in online video ads. Yet brands like […]

5 ways you might be washing your face wrongly

5 ways you might be washing your face wrongly

We’ve recently recommended regular exfoliation for clear skin and looked at anti-ageing do’s and don’ts in your 20s. Knowing the right skincare ingredients to tackle acne will also go a long way towards using the right products for your skin type. But have you ever thought about how you’ve been cleansing your face? Washing your […]

Anti-ageging skincare 20s - KENSapothecary Malaysia

Anti-ageing skincare in your 20s: The do’s and don’ts

It’s easy to dismiss the words “anti-ageing” when you’re in your 20s. After all, you’re busy establishing your career, being a social butterfly and trying out new trends that pop up on social media every other week. “Anti-ageing” is something you’ll think about when you’re 30. The problem is, signs of ageing already show up […]

Best acne skincare ingredients - KENSapothecary Malaysia

Fighting acne? 6 skincare ingredients you need to know to win

If you’re in constant battle with acne, then you know that the struggle is real. Waking up to a new pimple while trying to stave off whiteheads and blackheads can be frustrating. Your makeup doesn’t apply smoothly. Your confidence takes a dip. All you want is clear, healthy skin. Is that too much to ask? […]