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KENSapothecary Malaysia - exfoliation guide for clear, smooth skin

Exfoliation: Why this is the key to clear, smooth skin

Are you tackling any of these persistent skin concerns? Dull skin that lacks radiance Fine lines starting to creep up Clogged pores and recurring blemishes Dark spots and an uneven complexion If your skincare goal is to achieve clear, smooth skin but you’ve not been exfoliating, then read on to see how this essential step […]

The Right Shampoo For Your Dog

Product Hound If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably already noticed that your furry friend is incredibly loyal, intelligent, playful, affectionate–and occasionally dirty. Once in a while, every dog needs a thorough cleansing, especially city-dwelling ones like our beloved rescue pup Mr. Greenberg. Most human shampoos contain too much soap and too much fragrance for […]

Get Healthy & Glowing Skin with Detox Face Mask!

We all could use a good detox once in a while. Juice cleanses, detoxification teas and elimination diets are designed to help your body flush out toxins and impurities. Similarly, a facial detox can help to renew and revitalize your skin–your body’s largest organ–by removing excess dirt, pollutants, make-up and dead skin cells. This week, […]

Which Facial Oil Is Best For My Skin Type

Facial oils are fabulous products that deliver the conditioning properties of moisturisers in concentrated doses. Despite the rumours that facial oils are only suited to dry skin types, oils can be a perfect accompaniment to any skin type. Oils are concentrated powerhouses of essential omegas, vitamins, and minerals. Use the wrong blend, and your skin […]

Back to Classic This Raya Make-up Tutorial

A clean and classic make-up can never go wrong, definitely wearable for day and night! Here’s a look on how it’s done: Here are some suggestions on how to create this look: Cover Expert SPF 15 With the futuristic I.M.C® Technology (Intensive Mimetic Camouflage, this professional multi-active, ultra-lifting foundation auto-adjusts to the skin and offers optimal […]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Scented The Royal Wedding With diptyque

Now although we may not know what song was played as the newlywed’s first dance, or the details of their wedding vows, but what was revealed was how the Royal wedding was scented. The Luxury Parisian Fragrance House – Diptyque, which was famous for exquisite scented candles and room sprays, has revealed that they were […]

Ways To Achieve and Maintain Beautiful Radiant Skin!

Healthy, radiant and youthful skin can be a reality. All you need in your arsenal is brightening skincare that’s packed with effective yet gentle ingredients to replace dullness with radiance – no doctor’s visit required. And if you don’t already know, it’s equally as important to incorporate acid-based skincare in your night-time beauty routine. We […]

diptyque’s Fragrances Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary

Having witnessed history, through its windows. Having travelled the world, each and every continent, met and loved so many people, famous or anonymous, from all cultures. Having looked through all these eyes, watched. Collecting ideas and multiplying the surprises along the way, (but not) having aged over time… diptyque’s very first fragrance L’eau in 1968 […]

Drop The Baggage and Everything That Comes With It

DR. BRANDT® SKINCARE NEEDLES NO MORE® NO MORE BAGGAGE™ EYE DE-PUFFING GEL™ dr. brandt® skincare’s No More Baggage Eye De-Puffing Gel is a breakthrough under-eye solution that within minutes dramatically reduces the appearance of bags, puffiness and dark circles, leaving you with a youthful and rested look that wakes up your entire face. It also […]