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Of all the home scenting products available in the market, scented candles are probably the most popular. Imbued with softness and a bit of romance, scented candles emanate an enveloping scent that fills the air in just the right amount.
It’s no surprise then that scented candles are the space scenting methods of choice for weddings, luxury labels’ boutiques and spaces where artistic ideas flow.

Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing famously has Cire Trudon’s Ernesto candles in his home, studio and boutiques, owing to its powerful and inspirational scent.

Not all scented candles, however, are created equal. diptyque candles, for example, are made of vegetable wax, so they burn without releasing much soot into the air. In addition, the wick is lead-free and burns for about 50-60 hours.

KENS Apothecary is a local purveyor of high-end scented candles, beginning with diptyque 15 years ago and it continues to build itself as the place to go for luxury scented candles.


diptyque’s Limited-Edition Tubéreuse / Tuberose Candle pays tribute to one of the Maison’s beloved scent, Do Son, a heady and highly addictive fragrance of the tuberose. It brings you to the wide fields in Southern India, where these white flowers are grown.

From the top of their long, slender stems, they exhale a heady yet fresh and green scent, delicately nuanced with fruity, milky notes.

Entirely handmade, each candle comes in a signature hat box, perfect as a gift.


Malin + Goetz’s Tomato Candle is perfectly crafted for the king and queen of the kitchen.

Inspired by the founders’ passion for gardening at their Hudson Valley home, it’s a fresh and verdant scent that opens with a beautiful mix of freshly-picked herbs – aromatic basil, calming lavender and cool mint leaves.

Green ivy intertwines with the rich sweetness of a perfectly ripe tomato, melding with hints of uplifting mandarin and woodsy petitgrain to engage the senses. Notes of cedarwood and green pepper give the scent a soft, clean finish, with the abundance of aroma that permeates through a flourishing vegetable garden.


Excellence meets elegance at Cire Trudon, the French candle maker that was founded in 1643, and provider of the royal court of Louis XIV, as well as most of the churches of France.

The candles are manufactured in its workshop in Normandy, France, using unrivaled skills inherited from master candle makers.

In Abd El Kader, the scent is a gust of freedom blowing from the Mascara coast and the mountains picks up on its way, the green scents of fresh mint, the rashness of fights, ginger’s hot and peppered air and the perfume of tea and tobacco from the Ouled Nail tribe.

It has the scents of blackcurrant bud, lemon, clove, ginger, mint and apple, with heart notes of jasmine, before settling on vanilla. A Trudon classic, this is the brand’s iconic scent.

PUT OUT AND TRIM (In-store exclusive)

Some accessories are made especially to lengthen the life span of your scented candles, and keep them burning optimally at all times.

diptyque’s Extinguisher, for instance, is a tool for extinguishing the flame. Just smother the flame and this will preserve the burning quality of your candle.

Entirely made from steel, its candle wick trimmer helps to regularly cut the wick of your candle for smoke-free burning. As you extinguish the candle, re-centre it to prevent the glass from blackening.

The bakelite Candle Lid covers the classic size 190g diptyque candles and helps to preserve their scent.

And for something extra and beautiful, the Fresnel Candle Holder sees the candle’s flame defracted, creating a halogen effect.

Designed by Jean-Marc Gady studio, this object pays tribute to the lens invented by Augustin Fresnel. The candle’s flame is handcrafted by a master glassblower in the valley of Bresle.

It’s posed on a glass stand, to be used with 190g candles.

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