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Orphéon Eau De Parfum

While Paris sleeps… the Orphéon swings. In the ’60s, on boulevard Saint-Germain, our boutique was next to a jazz club: the Orphéon. Here, artists gathered and ideas flowed. Our three founders made the place their living room or their second office, depending on the time of day. The Orphéon is no more: long live Orphéon! […]

What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

When the perfect fragrance comes into your life, it feels as if every part of you is ready to accept its enveloping company. Its scent nourishes your spirit, affects you positively and adds that extra spring in your step as you start off the day.  Personality has a lot to do with what scent moves [...]

Haircare Redefined

A new era in haircare, Augustinus Bader’s haircare system -The Hair Collection- is rooted in the company’s award-winning commitment to breakthrough discoveries about the body’s mechanism for self-repair and renewal, informed by over 30 years of research and biomedical innovation. Where Clean Beauty Meets Clean Science Augustinus Bader haircare is 100% vegan and gluten-free, and [...]


A Caudalie cult product, Beauty Elixir is a 100 per cent natural skincare mist with multiple properties. It reveals the complexion glow and tightens pores, all while setting make-up. Skin type: All Purpose: Complexion enhancing Key ingredients: Green grape, rose essential oil, rosemary essential oil Texture: Mist Use: Any time of the day Formula: 100 [...]

Three times the power of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, the much beloved skin booster, comes in many forms, all with slightly different properties when it comes to stabilisation, delivery or molecular chemistry. It’s the stability, efficacy and skin friendliness that REN Clean Skincare prioritises, which is why it uses Kakadu plum as well as two additional forms of man-made Vitamin C, tetraisopalmitate [...]


We’re born with only one skin. Whether we are exploring the great outdoors or shielding ourselves from the effects of city living, keeping skin protected and healthy calls for an effective and uncomplicated sunscreen formula. Introducing our new SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen – High Protection – made with clean ingredients that defend all skin tones and [...]

Transform your skin

Serums help address a variety of concerns so make them part of your beauty routine. Typically packed with concentrated doses of ingredients for a range of issues, if a serum is correctly applied on cleansed, toned skin that’s ready to absorb skincare goodness, it can have transformative powers on your skin. From vitamin C and [...]

How do you keep skin hydrated?

Now, who doesn’t want glowing and youthful-looking skin? But achieving that requires constant care and upkeep. You may ask, how often should you wash your face or how often should you moisturise it? But the first step in reaching your skincare goal is to make sure it is properly hydrated. Keep reading for tips to [...]

Good for skin, better for Earth

Clean beauty brands use their skincare expertise as a force for good The conversation around clean skincare mostly revolves around clean ingredients, but more and more skincare brands work towards nature-related issues, which include the recyclability of their packaging and the traceability of their ingredients. With a global awareness on wide-ranging issues from skin allergies [...]

The perfect cleanser for every need and preference!

We know that cleansing and removing make-up are essential to keep our skin looking healthy. But with so many types to choose from, it’s not always easy to decide which cleanser is best. So, follow our tips to find the cleansers and make-up removers best suited to your needs and preferences. Micellar water: Ideal for [...]

The Grape Hydration solution for sensitive skin

Tightness, redness, a dull complexion... Dry and fragile skin needs an extra dose of hydration. Vinosource-Hydra comes to the rescue of sensitive skin, drawing its main active ingredients from the vine for hydrated skin, rich in moisture. Choose natural hydration with the Grape Water Gel Moisturizer, a real splash of hydration for the skin. +84% [...]