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THE 1ST REUSABLE INSTANT SMOOTHING PATCH BASED ON REPAIR TECHNIQUES. +81% tightening effect felt 15 min express smoothing. 3 uses per patch. Smoothes, lifts and plumps the eye contour. 2021 – TWENTY YEARS & NOT A SINGLE WRINKLE Fashions come and go, but Eye Therapy Patch stays put. We tried to spice up its formula […]

The Natural Solution For Acne-Prone Skin

Vinopure: an effective and natural solution Of all skin problems, acne has become the no. 1 concern in the past year. Although acne is prevalent during puberty and adolescence, it can affect still people of all ages and lifestyles. Hormone imbalances and unhealthy diets aside, more and more people are suffering from maskne, which is […]

The Grown Alchemist Twinsets

Discover Grown Alchemist’s much-celebrated 100% natural, clean, vegan and cruelty-free body and hand cream combos in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging — because two is better than one.   Refresh & Rejuvenate Body Care Twinset The Refresh & Rejuvenate Body Care Twinset features the luxurious scent of Citrus, Rosemary and Neroli and includes a hydrating and […]

Save Face Kit

These efficacious formulas comprise of natural technologies that have revolutionized natural anti-aging skincare, body care and hair care. Scientifically advanced and natural cell-communicating ingredients including Neuro-Peptides, Tetra-Peptides, Tocotrienols, and advanced Hygroscopic actives regenerate beauty with superior results. Grown Alchemist was born when the company’s founders, brothers Keston and Jeremy Mujis, were awakened to the harm […]


Walk through the necessary and essentials steps to manufacture the Trudon candles in the workshops in Normandy. Step 1 PERFUMING Elaborated hand in hand with world class perfumers, Trudon’s fragrances are the result of a careful development. Choosing the raw materials, testing the formula in our laboratory, mixing the perfume with the wax are some […]

How to soothe irritated skin

Redness, blemishes, or rough patches: These are just a few of the all-too-common signs that your skin has become irritated. Anyone can suffer from irritation, but if you have sensitive skin or sensitized skin, you’re probably much more familiar with the side effects and seeking a solution. Unfortunately, determining the cause of the irritation is […]


We all want healthy-looking, radiant skin and will happily put into practice the best skincare advice and lifestyle tips that might get us there. However, in a world where anyone can claim to be a skincare ‘expert’ it’s not always easy to differentiate between fact and fiction – and there is a lot of skincare […]


Welcome to Doctor’s Notes I’m Dr. Barbara Sturm, Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine and the Founder and CEO of Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics. I began my medical career in anti-inflammatory molecular orthopedics, working with a team that pioneered a blood plasma-based treatment named the “Kobe Procedure” after the late basketball superstar. Later, I translated the […]

Unisex fragrances

Maison Francis Kurkdjian collection of unisex fragrances is composed of rare perfumes that unite man and woman in a shared story, a shared wake. A fragrance wardrobe meant to be shared at will. Like a unisex wardrobe, these masculine/feminine fragrances garb the body with their scent trail: beautiful, elegant and timeless with pure lines, exceptional […]

The Skin Benefits Of Niacinamide

Revered for its antibacterial and brightening properties, niacinamide is a potent skincare ingredient that benefits all skin types by helping to strengthen the skin barrier, control sebum production, and even and refine tone. Read on to discover the skin benefits of niacinamide and meet the best niacinamide skincare. #1 What Is Niacinamide? Niacinamide is a […]