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This holiday season, we are celebrating the beauty of togetherness and the joy of sharing smiles with loved ones. For this year’s gifting collection, Omorovicza transport you to another place and time, to the marbling art of 1855 Budapest, in the hopes of satisfying your wanderlust. Detailed in the work ‘The Progress of the Marbling Art’ by Josef Halfer, the ancient art of marbling and its techniques perfected in Hungary are, for Omorovicza, reminiscent of the strata of the Earth that give Budapest’s thermal waters its elemental power, encapsulated in its signature Healing Concentrate™. And, because holidays would not be the same without family, Omorovicza invites you on this journey with a faithful friend, Maxim the Omognome, inspired by the children of Omorovicza founders Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich.


Anti-aging essentials our Gold range to leave skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Wonderfully decadent, the Gold Cabinet Collection harnesses the transformative properties of anti-inflammatory colloidal gold to repair and strengthen skin. Indispensable to your anti-ageing regime, these intensely nourishing and indulgent Gold Collection products reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help to repair and strengthen skin for a lifted, firmer and more radiant complexion. The cabinet also includes an eye wand and gua sha to enhance circulation as well as lift and firm skin


With the Blue Diamond Collection, a trio of innovative ingredients awaken tired and dull skin as complexions come alive with inner luminosity.

Erase the passage of time with the Blue Diamond Cabinet Collection. Developed to encourage skin to behave as it did in its youth, this collection is chiefly focused on the fitness and vitality of skin. A trio of innovative ingredients – diamond peptides, arabinogalactans and a compound of essential amino-acids and copper – helps to prolong the healthy life of skin cells. The complexion appears more radiant and youthful, with renewed elasticity and firmness. The cabinet also includes an eye wand and gua sha to enhance circulation as well aslift and firm skin.


A collection powered by Omorovicza patented Healing Concentrate™ to innovatively deliver the unique combination of restorative minerals deep into the epidermis for firmer, suppler and younger-looking skin.

Indulge your complexion in The Daily Glow Set for enhanced luminosity and youthful radiance. the Gentle Buffing Gelée gently exfoliates, revealing smooth, radiant skin while the Daily Vitamin C serum and Illumineye C eye-cream, powered by antioxidant Vitamin C. Provide luminosity, elasticity and protection against daily environmental aggressors. Complete the regime with Illuminating Moisturiser to hydrate and provide a subtle glow to your complexion.


Elevate your skin’s nightly repair with a combination of restorative products for an indulgent evening routine. First, cleanse the skin with the Thermal Cleansing Balm which also removes impurities. then, apply the Midnight Renewal serum and Rejuvenating Night Cream to stimulate repair and nourish skin. Finish with the Queen of Hungary Evening Mist, which combines antioxidant-rich melatonin to enhance the restorative quality of sleep for skin.


Soothe skin, lips and spirits with this perfecting duo. The Queen of Hungary Mist provides an instant skin refresh, whilst the Perfecting Lip Balm hydrates and plumps to leave lips feeling fuller, softer and smoother

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