A candle lit affair

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What did the legendary queen of France, Marie Antoinette want in her cell in her last days? She needed the comforting scents of Cire Trudon candles. Cire Trudon has been making candles for the French Royal family from 1643. More than 370 years later it is still making candles that are coveted the world over.

You can now own one of these iconic candles which are available at Ken’s Apothecary. Cire Trudon’s latest range Les Belles Matiēres was launched at the new branch of Kens Apothecary at the Gardens Mall in Mid Valley. The three candles in the range come in an exquisite night blue tinted glass container. The heavenly scents are Maduraï, Tadine and Reggio.

Madurai, by Cire Trudon

Maduraï’s enchants you with its sexy Indian jasmine notes, Tadine seduces your senses with the exotic sandalwood notes from New Caledonia while Reggio uplifts the spirits with the zesty notes of mandarin from Calabria.

We spoke to Elodie Herrerin (EH), the International Sales Director on Cire Trudon’s enduring appeal and staying power.

How has Cire Trudon managed to survive all these years?

EH: We are very proud that we have never stopped making candles in the nearly 400 years that we have been around. We have survived revolutions, wars and the coming of gaslights and electricity. We still make our candles in our factories.

It’s our innovation to candle making that has seen us through. We are the first to make scented candles and different ways of enjoying the scented candles such as creating decorative objects to diffuse scented candles as in our La Promeneuse series. You place a cameo in a ceramic dish and light a tea candle underneath. The cameo will melt and the scent will gently diffuse throughout the home.

Are candles still relevant in this age of electricity?

EH: Of course they still are! Today when we burn candles it is all about pleasure, creating an atmosphere and giving some light. What does the image of candle lit dinners bring to mind? It’s about romance, happiness, a lovely setting etc.

Burning scented candles creates an atmosphere of peace and bliss. Buying a scented candle is like buying a perfume – it’s your signature. When anyone smells it, he or she thinks of your home. Scented candles are like that – they are signature scents of your home.

Elodie Herrerin, International Sales Director of Cire Trudon Paris

Could you give us tips on how to use scented candles?

EH: When using scented candles, remember that the scent should not be in your face. It should linger in the background, a tantalizing reminder to you or your guests of its presence. A candle takes time to spread its scent so if you are having guests over, remember to light the candle at least 30 minutes before the arrival of your guests.

Do not put candles under the air con as it makes the candle burn faster. Put it away from the direct path of the air con. There’s also an art to extinguishing the candle. Wait until the wax around the wick has become liquid before putting out the candle. This way you won’t have a hole in the centre of the candle.

Maintain the length of the wick. It should not be longer than half a centimetre. If the wick is too long, the candle will smoke and that bad as you’ll get the smell of smoke!

Never blow on a candle to turn it off because what you’ll get is the burning smell of the wick. The right way is to push the wick into the liquid wax and then pull it up again. There are tools to do this, which we sell.

How is the scented candle market in Asia?

EH: It is a growing market. We’ve been in Hong Kong since 2010. In China it is really beginning to take off. Many people buy our candles for gifting purposes.

Ken’s Apothecary is now at Gardens Mall!

Lovers of fine fragrances and niche market skincare will be delighted with the latest Ken’s Apothecary store (it’s fifth) at the Gardens Mall Mid Valley. At more 1,100 sq it is the largest Ken’s Apothecary store.

All of your favourite Ken’s Apothecary brands are available here. A speciality of this store is the dedicated make-up room for By Terry where make-up artists will help create your signature look.

So hurry up and discover the wonders of Ken’s Apothecary Gardens Mid Valley.


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