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The KENS Privilege membership card is available at and applicable to all participating brands under Esplanade Avenue Sdn Bhd.


A minimum spend of RM350 in a single transaction is required to qualify as a KENS Privilege Card Holder.


Any amount more than RM350 in this qualifying transaction will be counted as points.


The first 500 points accumulated will entitle the Card Holder to a RM50 cash voucher. Thereafter, cash vouchers can be redeemed for every 1000 points accumulated.


Discount for ‘Birth Month’ only applies to normal price items and is not applicable to seasonal, set(s), promotional item(s) and service package(s).


Points will be accumulated and calculated every month on 6 June 30th and December 31st of every year.


Points accumulation is based on normal priced item(s) only.


Redemption voucher is ONLY applicable on normal priced items, NOT on any promotional, set item(s) or service package(s).


Reward vouchers that are not redeemed within the validity period are deemed expired.


Notification of reward vouchers will be informed via SMS or e-mail in January and July of every year.


For the Referral Program, 250 points will be given to each member only when recommended friend qualifies as a member of KENS Privilege Loyalty Program.


A minimum of one (1) transaction is required within 24 months upon becoming a member to maintain membership. Membership with no transactions within 24 months will be automatically terminated.


A minimum spend of RM350 will be required to re-qualify as a KENS member.


KENS Privilege Loyalty Program members may terminate their membership in writing. Upon termination, the member will cease to enjoy all the above privileges and benefits. Any accumulated points will be forfeited immediately upon termination.


Replacement of lost/damaged card will incur a penalty fee of RM30.


The management of Esplanade Avenue Sdn Bhd reserves the right to revise the Terms & Conditions of membership without prior notice.