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Born Like This

Shindesu X KF Bong

Born Like This


SKU: SH001

In stock

In stock

Additional Information

* Exclusive handmade mink lashes
* Weightless comfort with a super-slim, flexible band
* Reusable up to 20 times with proper care.

How To

Step 1: Cut the lashes to a suitable length.
Step 2: Apply glue along the base of the lashes.
Step 3: Place lashes along your natural upper lash line, pressing lightly from the inner corner towards the outer corner of the eye.

To remove, gently pull off starting from the outer corner of the eye towards the inner corner of the eye.

“Get noticed for being you, not your makeup.”

Adorable and versatile, the strands are perfectly spaced out across the band. Semi-dramatic lashes with thick volume and length in the center of the lash. Eyes appear 1 to 2 times larger while maintaining a natural appearance. Extremely beautiful lashes made to accessorize every makeup look.

Suitable for all occasions, including wedding.

Volume: ***
Length: 3mm – 9mm

Ideal for small eyes, mono eyelids, and hooded eyes. Great for women who prefer light to medium makeup.


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